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This week’s supplier spotlight is the wonderful Eco Snack Wrap. I have been working with Donna (the owner) since I first founded Eco Living Ideas in 2018 and have sold hundreds of her fabulous sandwich wraps, snack pockets, bread bags and bowl covers. It is time to learn more about Donna and her great company…here we go… Eco Snack Wrap, based in Norwich, was founded by Donna in 2010 whilst she was still working as an infant school teacher! Donna now works part time for a Children’s Charity and other than an assistant to help out for fairs and events, she runs the business single-handedly. Here are some other questions I asked Donna… What was the inspiration behind the business? “I discovered the products on an extended holiday in Australia where a friend had developed the Sandwich Wrap & Snack Pocket products. On my return I set up as UK…

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Raw Chocolate Company

In the second Supplier Spotlight, I am chatting with Kris from The Raw Chocolate Company and he has some amazing insights to share with us! You can see the full range of chocolate I stock here. Read on for the full interview. Tell me about yourself and your role at the company? “Hi I’m Kris and I look after sales at The Raw Chocolate Company and Conscious Chocolate. I also work on new product development and am deputy chief taster number one. I am part of the management team and involved in most aspects of the business in some way.” What did you do before you started working there? “Immediately before diving into chocolate I was a Senior Project Manager for a climate change charity, helping promote innovative responses and practical solutions above and beyond energy efficiency and renewable technologies. I also managed the UK’s first 100% organic supermarket, was…

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Supplier Spotlight Fetch It

Each month I am going to be shining the spotlight on one or two of my amazing suppliers! These are the people who do the real hard work to make sure that there are fantastic, sustainable, eco-friendly options available for all of our needs. First up is a Manchester based company – FetchIt. I have been stocking (and using) their super awesome poo bags since July 2020. Here is what Co-Founder Kiki told me about her great business: We are currently a team of 2 (Alex is the other co-founder) and between us we run every element of the business ourselves! We also both work full time for the NHS as a trainee GP and GP Partner. (I nearly fell off my chair when I read that!) When I asked what the inspiration behind FetchIt was, Kiki told me: “I got a dog (Coco, a cockapoo) nearly 3 years ago…

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