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We’ve had a month full of amazing facts, beautiful products and inspirational quotes but, there is one thing that I know people often question when switching to an eco-alternative – how much is it going to cost? And it’s a big thing! I remember when I first started out that I spent a long time worrying about how much switches were going to cost me, but actually, I have always been pleasantly surprised. So here are some simple comparisons for you: Face Wipes 1 disposable wipe per day = £42/year for branded luxury, £14.50 own brand basics. Over 3 years = £43-126. 1 reusable per day = £8-14 per year. Over 3 years = £8-14 Soap Bars/Shower Gel 6 bottles per year = £12.90 for branded luxury £11 for own brand basics. Soap Bars 4 per year = £10 Cleanser Foaming cleanser bottle 3 per year = up to £50…

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