Compostable Poo Bags



Take your journey to being eco friendly one step further with these compostable poo bags.

The bags are made with cornstarch and are certified to the highest European standards.. They are also suitable for home composting! They are designed to be extra strong and come with or without handles so you can choose which you would prefer.

And now you may be asking – why compostable? Well here is why….. biodegradable and compostable are often used interchangeably but they are NOT the same thing. 

  • BIODEGRADABLE products will eventually disintegrate over time, usually over hundreds of years, into smaller pieces but these can be still be harmful to organisms. These smaller pieces of plastic fragments are known today as microplastics.
  • COMPOSTABLE bags on the other hand decompose into non-toxic organic matter which can be broken down to form a nutrient rich soil or “compost”. 

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