Bamboo Wash Mitt

Bamboo Wash Mitt



This super soft bamboo wash mitt is made from bamboo fibres with cotton stitching. It will stay soft over time and is very gentle on sensitive skin. Bamboo has antibacterial properties and is grown pesticide free making this wash mitt perfect for delicate skin.

Directions for use: Put one of our soap bars (or use up soap scraps) into the wash mitt and hold under water in the bath or shower. Rub over your body for a lovely lather and a gentle cleanse.

1 review for Bamboo Wash Mitt

  1. Lisa

    This little bag holds soap so it can be hung up, and doesn’t stay wet. Great for the shower.
    What’s more, you can put old small slivers of soap on out and use every last piece rather that losing the. In the plug hole.
    The soft bamboo material is soft when wet and antibacterial- such a great idea.

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