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In this Supplier Spotlight, I am chatting to Abi from Bambino Mio. It was great to hear more from here about her role and the company. I particularly loved learning about the inspiration behind the business. I used Bambino Mio Nappies on my youngest so have loved them for a few years now. Have a read of the answers to my questions below and in the images! I stock a range of gorgeous products from Bambino Mio which you can look at here. Here is the Q&A with Abi… Tell me about yourself and your role at the company? “My role at the company is to implement Bambino Mio’s Marketing strategy in the UK & Ireland and to drive the business objectives in those markets. Our Marketing strategy is at the heart of our business and has played a key role in driving awareness for reusable baby products and to…

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Prepping this price comparison was a bit of an eye opener to be honest. It’s about 2.5 years since I bought any cleaning products from a supermarket and I didn’t realise how cheap they were. If you were to look solely at price for these products I could understand why someone would think that sticking with the ‘regular’ products over the eco ones was better for them. But I will still argue the point: All of the eco products I compared will last almost twice as long as the non-eco counterparts. Some may last 3-4 times longer (the washing up brushes/scrapers etc). This would mean then that comparatively, there isn’t a great difference in price. If you were to buy the non-eco products in these comparisons, guestimating that they last one month each, you will have 7-8 pieces of plastic EACH MONTH, just from washing up! Let’s take a look…

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The focus for this week’s eco chat is Carbon Footprint. I wanted to give you some information on where to go to check your personal carbon footprint, some ideas on how to reduce it and some comparisons of every day products. Watch the full video here or check out a rough transcript below. The focus for the evening is carbon footprint. It will be a short one from me but I will be posting some links below so you can follow up on this throughout the week. I’d be really interested to hear from you in the comments once you have done your carbon footprint test to see if you are going to implement any changes. First things first, what is a carbon footprint? The amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organization, or community. One of the most…

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Join me as I chat with Lei Hang from The Thrifty Island Girl about her own eco journey. What she has enjoyed, found difficult and her advice to others starting their own eco journey. You can connect with Lei on Instagram or Facebook. If you would like to watch other episodes of my Monday night Eco Chat, please join my Facebook Group – Eco Living Community

During the March focus of Greener Cleaning, I have done a lot of research on common household cleaning products and the chemicals they contain. The side effects of some of them are really quite staggering, I wanted to share them with you. Environmental Impact: Detergents are all now biodegradable, though some may break down quicker than others, but they often contain chemicals which may cause problems. Phosphates can cause eutrophication, upsetting the balance of nutrients in rivers and streams, while many products also contain enzymes, bleaches, brighteners and perfumes. Triclosan is an anti-microbial chemical that is used as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent found in soaps, detergents, and other disinfectants. During water treatment to remove Triclosan, other chemicals are formed which are incredible harmful to aquatic life. Most notably, Triclosan has been found in aquatic snails and algae. Ammonia is a disinfecting chemical used in cleaning products such as floor…

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The focus for this chat is – Greener Cleaning. This is to tie in with a new monthly focus for Eco Living Ideas, so I thought it would be a great place to kick-start the focus and share some information. We will cover: What is Greener Cleaning The health implications of using “regular” cleaning products The environmental impact of man-made cleaning products Some safe, easy and affordable switches Watch the video replay below or scroll down for a rough transcript. What is Greener Cleaning Greener cleaning is all about being conscious of the cleaning products you are using in your home, on your car and anywhere else you may clean. We need to be so conscious of the products we use, and I’m not just talking about which toilet cleaner or kitchen spray. I mean what sponges, cloths, laundry powder and such as well. All of these things can contain…

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The time has come for a new monthly focus and this is going to be a big one! Cleaning products came up trumps on my poll of what you wanted me to cover this month, so here we are – and boy is it going to be good! I already stock a range of products which make cleaning more eco-friendly, purse friendly and easier but I am also adding 5 BRAND NEW products to the line-up which I am certain you will love! So come along this eco cleaning journey with me this month. As always I will give you facts, figures, price comparisons and beautiful, GOOD, eco products to make the transition to a greener lifestyle even easier.

Join me as I chat with Laura from Trendy Thrift Shop for Kids and find out how decluttering and shopping second hand can save you money and have a positive impact on the environment! You can catch the next Eco Chat Episode Live on my Eco Living Community Group. You can find Trendy Thrift Shop for Kids here: Facebook Group Facebook Page Instagram Website

This week’s supplier spotlight is the wonderful Eco Snack Wrap. I have been working with Donna (the owner) since I first founded Eco Living Ideas in 2018 and have sold hundreds of her fabulous sandwich wraps, snack pockets, bread bags and bowl covers. It is time to learn more about Donna and her great company…here we go… Eco Snack Wrap, based in Norwich, was founded by Donna in 2010 whilst she was still working as an infant school teacher! Donna now works part time for a Children’s Charity and other than an assistant to help out for fairs and events, she runs the business single-handedly. Here are some other questions I asked Donna… What was the inspiration behind the business? “I discovered the products on an extended holiday in Australia where a friend had developed the Sandwich Wrap & Snack Pocket products. On my return I set up as UK…

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Homemade Chocolate

We had a go at making our own chocolate from scratch a couple of weeks ago and it was really delicious! I bulk bought some of the ingredients online (cocoa butter and cocoa powder) and the other bits I already had in the house. ⁠ It really was quite simple to do, I found a basic recipe online and followed the step by step instructions. The girls helped me too (mainly because they wanted to lick the spoons/bowls/moulds/work surfaces etc) but they thought it was fun and loved having something they made for an afternoon treat. ⁠ I will definitely be adding these to my Christmas Hamper repertoire as I’ve had some great feedback from the taste testers. I’m also going to try adding different flavours and experiment a little. Have you ever made chocolate? What is your favourite flavour to try?