The focus for this chat is – Greener Cleaning. This is to tie in with a new monthly focus for Eco Living Ideas, so I thought it would be a great place to kick-start the focus and share some information. We will cover: What is Greener Cleaning The health implications of using “regular” cleaning products The environmental impact of man-made cleaning products Some safe, easy and affordable switches Watch the video replay below or scroll down for a rough transcript. What is Greener Cleaning Greener cleaning is all about being conscious of the cleaning products you are using in your home, on your car and anywhere else you may clean. We need to be so conscious of the products we use, and I’m not just talking about which toilet cleaner or kitchen spray. I mean what sponges, cloths, laundry powder and such as well. All of these things can contain…

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The time has come for a new monthly focus and this is going to be a big one! Cleaning products came up trumps on my poll of what you wanted me to cover this month, so here we are – and boy is it going to be good! I already stock a range of products which make cleaning more eco-friendly, purse friendly and easier but I am also adding 5 BRAND NEW products to the line-up which I am certain you will love! So come along this eco cleaning journey with me this month. As always I will give you facts, figures, price comparisons and beautiful, GOOD, eco products to make the transition to a greener lifestyle even easier.

Join me as I chat with Laura from Trendy Thrift Shop for Kids and find out how decluttering and shopping second hand can save you money and have a positive impact on the environment! You can catch the next Eco Chat Episode Live on my Eco Living Community Group. You can find Trendy Thrift Shop for Kids here: Facebook Group Facebook Page Instagram Website

This week’s supplier spotlight is the wonderful Eco Snack Wrap. I have been working with Donna (the owner) since I first founded Eco Living Ideas in 2018 and have sold hundreds of her fabulous sandwich wraps, snack pockets, bread bags and bowl covers. It is time to learn more about Donna and her great company…here we go… Eco Snack Wrap, based in Norwich, was founded by Donna in 2010 whilst she was still working as an infant school teacher! Donna now works part time for a Children’s Charity and other than an assistant to help out for fairs and events, she runs the business single-handedly. Here are some other questions I asked Donna… What was the inspiration behind the business? “I discovered the products on an extended holiday in Australia where a friend had developed the Sandwich Wrap & Snack Pocket products. On my return I set up as UK…

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As always I think it is really important to look at price comparisons for eco products as I still think there is a taboo around the idea that eco-friendly = more expensive. This really isn’t the case for most of the time. So here I am going to look at the comparison for different sanitary items. This is purely monetary comparison, not taking account the volumes of eco and health benefits. Product Price 1 year Price 5 years Menstrual Cup £18-25 £18-25 Cloth Pads/Liners(set of 20) £159 £159 Period Pants(6 pairs) £121 £121 Disposable Sanitary Towels/Liners (average use of 25 pads per cycle) £28.80 £144 Applicator Tampons £42 £210 So, absolutely not more expensive! And in fact if you go for a cup and period pants then you’ll save money, especially if you were to do a 10 year comparison as that is how long some cups last! *Prices based…

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Homemade Chocolate

We had a go at making our own chocolate from scratch a couple of weeks ago and it was really delicious! I bulk bought some of the ingredients online (cocoa butter and cocoa powder) and the other bits I already had in the house. ⁠ It really was quite simple to do, I found a basic recipe online and followed the step by step instructions. The girls helped me too (mainly because they wanted to lick the spoons/bowls/moulds/work surfaces etc) but they thought it was fun and loved having something they made for an afternoon treat. ⁠ I will definitely be adding these to my Christmas Hamper repertoire as I’ve had some great feedback from the taste testers. I’m also going to try adding different flavours and experiment a little. Have you ever made chocolate? What is your favourite flavour to try?

This week I talked about how, at various stages of an eco-journey, there can be a whole load of overwhelm and questions that can be tricky to answer. During this chat I discuss where that overwhelm can come from, how you can overcome it and how you can help other people. Video link below or you can scroll down for a rough transcript. Why becoming eco-friendly can feel overwhelming There are various stages throughout a journey to make your lifestyle become eco-friendly, and I think each one comes with it’s own challenges. At the start there is a lot of enthusiasm, you want to change as much as you can as fast as you can as you suddenly become aware of the “error of your ways”. But, this can seem really daunting as actually, as you notice one thing (plastic packaging for example), it suddenly becomes the ONLY thing you…

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There are always so many questions around CSP, how to wear them, wash them, how many you need etc. Here I have answered some of the more common ones. How many do I need? This will differ from person to person but if you are solely using cloth pads then around 15 would be a good place to start. Obviously you can build this up over time, you don’t have to buy it all at once! I would aim for 3-5 heavy/night pads, 6-8regular pads, 3-4 liners Can I use cloth pads after giving birth? Absolutely! And how blessed you will be if you do. Speaking from experience, post-partum pads are HIDEOUS! I wish I’d have had some super soft reusables when my daughters were born! Are they safe to use? They certainly are. So long as you change them regularly and wash them well they are perfectly safe to…

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Raw Chocolate Company

In the second Supplier Spotlight, I am chatting with Kris from The Raw Chocolate Company and he has some amazing insights to share with us! You can see the full range of chocolate I stock here. Read on for the full interview. Tell me about yourself and your role at the company? “Hi I’m Kris and I look after sales at The Raw Chocolate Company and Conscious Chocolate. I also work on new product development and am deputy chief taster number one. I am part of the management team and involved in most aspects of the business in some way.” What did you do before you started working there? “Immediately before diving into chocolate I was a Senior Project Manager for a climate change charity, helping promote innovative responses and practical solutions above and beyond energy efficiency and renewable technologies. I also managed the UK’s first 100% organic supermarket, was…

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The focus for this eco chat is menstrual products. The reason for choosing this is that today I have started a new monthly focus and the whole month is going to be on menstrual products. I also have some amazing new products joining the line-up which I cannot wait to share with you over the next couple of weeks. I will cover: Eco Alternatives Environmental impact Personal Benefits Price Comparison Q&A Watch the video for the full below and join me on Facebook or Instagram to find out more throughout the month.