Eco Stocking Fillers

I’ve put together a few lists which I thought may help those who are looking for some awesome ideas whilst Christmas shopping. I’m a huge advocate of buying subscriptions or experiences but we all like a little something to open to so here are Eco Living Ideas ‘Top 5’. First up is Kids Stocking Filler Ideas: PlayIn Choc Toy Box (£2.95) – I have sold so many of these already and I honestly cannot recommend them enough. Our girls have got one to go in their stocking and I know it will be one of the first things they want to play with. The chocolate is divine and the toys are cute and good fun. A Bamboo Toothbrush (£2.49) – these also come in green and pink at a slightly higher price. We always include a toothbrush and for some reason bamboo toothbrushes are still exciting and make the girls…

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Eco Christmas Guide Blog

This week the focus is on Gift Wrapping and Cards. When we think of Christmas, visions of Christmas Trees with beautifully wrapped gifts, tables full of food and households full of happy family gathered, all come to mind. Cards hung from string, bows and taffeta, glitter and sparkles are all part of what we now know as Christmas. I am a sucker for a nicely wrapped gift! Although I’m not very good at creative wrapping myself, I do always appreciate it when others go to the efforts. I always used to have co-ordinated paper (for example all of my presents would be wrapped in gold and white or green and red). Now whilst there is nothing wrong with these ways of wrapping, they’re not entirely eco-friendly. A lot of paper is unrecyclable, due to plastic coating and glitter, and unless you’re going to sit and pick the sticky tape off,…

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Green Friday really is a thing! In a bid to undo some of the craziness of Black Friday (or “let’s shop like plonkers every day for a month”, as it now seems to be), small businesses, charities and other organisations are clubbing together to make people more aware of the impact of Black Friday and how to make a difference. Green Friday was originally started in the States and has since crossed the ocean to us here in Europe. As an alternative to the online shopping, queuing for bargains (in non-covid times), battling for the biggest deal and just general over spending and over consumerism, Green Friday tries to get people back outdoors, enjoying the peace of nature and, if possible, spending precious time with family and friends. Now the latter is going to be difficult this year but there are still plenty of ways to boycott Black Friday in…

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Thank you to Nikki from Best For Bubba (bestforbubba.co.uk) for sharing this fantastic review on eco laundry detergent. We all hate it, but we all have to do it…. Laundry! I thought it is all about cleaning and being gentle on your delicates, but that is so far from the truth!!!! I just discovered how ‘Dirty’ it really is.  In addition to the drastic impact on the environment did you know that leading brands of laundry detergent often contain harmful chemicals?The chemicals from the detergent are rubbing on your skin and being absorbed when you sweat. Most non bio detergents are more gentle, but still often contain chemicals.The chemicals that are hazards to both the environment and humans can also be found in many beauty and cleaning products. The chemicals you should look out for are:Parabens – used as a preservative. For cleaning they help to ward off bacterial and mould growth.…

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an eco Christmas blog

How to minimise waste at Christmas I love Christmas. We make our Christmas cake in September and I lovingly ‘feed’ it every two weeks. I start making homemade gifts in July or August each year so I can give family and friends something special. The Christmas music goes on from December 1st and is on repeat! Any one else the same? What I am beginning to love the most is the traditions that we are making with our two young Daughters. My eldest (now 5) is starting to remember things from previous years and we talk about them and plan what is coming this year. The thing with traditions is they are often full of items we re-use, rather than single use, so they are good fun and good for keeping waste down. Waste at Christmas time increases. It’s almost impossible to avoid but there are ways to minimise the…

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Eco Home, style

Take a read of this fabulous Guest Blog Post from Nick Acaster at Rugs Direct. In this article, Nick Acaster from Rugs Direct shares some easy eco-friendly material swaps you can make to create a sustainable interior. Do you live an eco-friendly lifestyle? If you’re already sipping from a reusable water bottle, bringing your own bags when shopping, and walking or cycling for short trips, then you may just be looking for more ways to do your bit for the environment. If this is the case, it might be time to think about the eco-friendly choices you can make to ensure your interior décor is also sustainable. Many common materials used for interiors have eco-friendly swaps that you can easily make, so it really is worth thinking about next time you decide to update your home. To help you out, I’ve listed five of these materials, as well as the…

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Eco Christmas Guide

An Eco Guide to Gift Giving Welcome to the first in a blog series on how to have an eco friendly Christmas, without ruining the fun and without spending all your money! The first topic to look at is – Gift Giving. Over the years, Christmas has become so commercialised. We seem to have forgotten about the reasons why we celebrate Christmas and it has become more and more about the presents we give and the wine we drink. I’m not going to dwell too much on the negative affects that the commercial side of the festive season has, but it cannot go unmentioned and I think it’s sad that some people/families really struggle at what should be a wonderful time of year. Now, I LOVE giving gifts, not because I have to but because I genuinely want to. Over recent years my gift giving has become much more personalised…

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The 90 Day Get Eco Plan

I have created The 90 Day Get Eco Plan to help inspire, motivate and keep people focused on actively improving how eco friendly their homes are. The short video gives you more information on the content of the plan. If you have any questions, please pop them in the comments. Sign up here

My Eco Story

My Story I thought I would share my journey, so you can see how everyone is different and how we may all go down different paths, even though we are working towards the same goal. Let’s go back to January 2018. I was 8 months pregnant with our second baby and living in Portsmouth. There was a lady there who became a good friend and used to walk our dog for us once a week. One day she came back with an armful of plastic bottles and rubbish. I learnt that day that a lot of the plastic I had been putting in our recycling bin, for almost two years actually, wasn’t collected by the council − and I was horrified. I couldn’t believe I had been contaminating truckloads of recycling all that time. Turns out I wasn’t the only one. So, I started to collect this non-recyclable waste and…

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Learning life with Grandpa

Thank you so much to my life long friend and fellow Eco Warrior, Lizzie Garthwaite, for this wonderful insight in to her eco journey. *********************************************************************************** Hi, my name is Lizzie and I’m happy to declare I’m pretty loopy about the environment! For me this way of thinking has always been a part of how my family have lived to some degree. I grew up with my granny routinely cutting open her tubes of toothpaste to get that final bit out, and saving every jam jar and yoghurt pot ‘just in case’. My grandfather was the first Conservation Officer in the Forestry Commission, and I remember the piles of scrap paper he would save from all the post. They also lived through the war and spent part of that time in Burma, where it was a very different lifestyle. This influenced how they raised my mum and therefore me. (Photo – Lizzie…

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